College Music Journal (CMJ) Top 200 Radio Promotions

Radio is still the most influential medium to discover and listen to music. Radio has been proven to increase album sales, initiate blog interest, provide tour support and help develop true fans all over the country.

Crowd Control Music works with tastemaker college, listener supported, internet and non-commercial public radio stations all across the U.S. and Canada, dedicated to the growth of new emerging artists.

First and foremost, we are a group of passionate music lovers and we only work with music that we truly believe in. We personalize each radio campaign to best fit the needs and expectations for each client, utilizing extensive research and campaign planning. Our policy is to only promote a small handful of releases at a time. This will ensure that the maximum amount of attention is provided to our clients. We have successfully garnered airplay, top 5 adds and top 30 chart support for every single physical record we’ve ever promoted to the CMJ Top 200 and CMJ specialty music charts since our inception in 2010.

If your band is on the road touring, we can also concentrate on local stations to help promote shows and set up in-studio interviews and performances.

Our main business is  Radio Promotion with a focus on CMJ reporting radio stations. If you’re not familiar with the CMJ Radio Charts, go to CMJ.COM and get to know the radio chart that will start and support the careers of over 50% of the music industry in the US.

The work we’ve done furthering the careers of artists like Jagwar Ma (Mom + Pop), Moon Hooch (Hornblow), Young Buffalo (Votiv), Streets of Laredo (Dine Alone Records), and so many more, at the time unsigned and emerging artists, has quickly helped Crowd Control Music become a leader in Self-Released (S/R) records!

Some of our success stories include Big Tree [#1 S/R EP, #112], Funeral Suits [#1 Added Single, #113], Streets Of Laredo [#1 S/R, #44], Young Buffalo [#2 EP, #58], Theme Park [#2 Added EP, #134], Modern Rivals [#2 EP, #165], Coastgaard [#2 S/R, #64], Tango In The Attic [#6 Added, #66], The Rich Hands [#88], Stereo Crowd [#26 @ Hip Hop], Dangerous Muse [#27 @ RPM], Pagiins [#150], Moon Hooch [#166], Dead Native [#186], The Brooklyn What [#187] & Whale Fire [#188].

In addition, we’ve also successfully set up live in-studio sessions at stations like Breakthru Radio [New York, NY], KXLU [Los Angeles, CA], KCSB [Santa Barbara, CA], KVRX [Austin, TX],KRTU [San Antonio, TX], BIRN [Boston, MA], WTBU [Boston, MA], WCHC [Worcester, MA],WRVU [Nashville, TN], WUTK [Knoxville, TN], WMUH [Allentown, PA], WXVU [Villanova, PA],WVYC [York, PA], WGRE [Greencastle, IN] & KURE in Ames, IA!

If you or your label are interested in working with us, please CONTACT US! We would love to hear from you and listen to your music!

For those very indie artists that have great records yet no distribution and promotion for their records, we also offer global digital distribution & promotion. Our distribution partnerships will give you access to 90% of the online retail stores on the planet!

Many of our distributed artists have found that over 50% of their sales come from outside the United States and Canada. Wouldn’t you want to earn twice as much on your next record? We’d like you to, and there’s no upfront fees!

We’re here to do one thing in many ways: Empower New Music!