Crowd Control Music’s new, Digital Campaign is an eight week promotional campaign designed to service college and non-commercial radio stations with digital sound files. 


Similar to the Music Directors-Direct, our Digital Campaigns are customized to target regional radio stations in the artists home state as well as national tastemaker stations and radio stations that have an efficient system in place for processing and charting digital submissions. 


The sound file(s) both WAV and Mp3 are distributed to over 800 decision makers at radio (Music Directors, Program Directors, Station Managers, DJ’s etc) in the US and Canada and bi-weekly tracking reports are sent to the Artist outlining their successes at radio. 


For eight weeks our promotions team communicates with Music Directors on a daily basis by phone and email, using our relationships at radio to secure Top 5 Adds, airplay, and Top 30 chart support. 

For the duration of the eight week Digital Campaign, Crowd Control Music will feature the band or artist on our website and promote tour dates, videos and upcoming releases through our social media outlets. 


During this time our promotional team can also help with facilitating in-studio interviews and performances at radio stations that are supporting the band/artist’s music!

While our Digital Campaign is not a replacement for a traditional, national, physical, mailing campaign, it is a superb outlet for any band or artist(s) looking to expand their fan-base and get played at radio on an indie-friendly budget! 


In conjunction with all of our radio campaigns options, Crowd Control Music also offers Global, Digital Distribution for any band or artist(s) interested in reaching an international audience and exposing their music to new listeners in 132 online music stores across 240 countries!

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