Going For Adds 4/12/16: Black Beach- Shallow Creatures

Black Beach wide jamBlack Beach; a band who’s journey has been fueled purely by passion and dedication. From their humble beginnings in the sleepy town of Middleboro, this trio of rockers has had a single goal in mind: escaping the stress and trauma of day-to-day life by shredding as hard as they possibly can.
Countless sweaty nights, bloody drum-heads, and trips to the gas-station for junk food have paved the path that has made Black Beach the big city behemoths they are today. Having shared the stage with acts like Wand, Acid King, and Bass Drum of Death, Black Beach has surely proven themselves worthy of thrashing with the best of‘em.

After the recent release of their debut full length, Shallow Creatures, Black Beach seems to be just getting started in creating their legacy; and having already covered so much ground thus far one can only imagine what the future has in store for these young men. Already a pretty household name for most Boston residents, the musical miasma that is Black Beach is slowly trickles from the state of Massachusetts, steadily intoxicating the rest of the east coast. This is rock in it’s most raw and honest form, forget the fraternal fashion-show ideology of the bands you know nowadays and lose yourself in the primal energy of Black Beach.


1.Self Portrait

2.Shallow Creatures

3.Nervous All The Time

4.Future Failures

5.Static Sound

6.Ego Death Ritual


8.The Youth Is Out There

Black Beach Album

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