At Radio Now: Br’er Rabbit – The Wild North

The Wild NorthThough all four members of Br’er Rabbit grew up running around wooded areas of the same small town in the farthest Northwest corner of Washington state, brothers Zach and Nathan didn’t meet Miranda, the third founding member, until they had all ended up in New York City. This kind of backyard folk seasoned by the edge, polish and fervor of big-city inclinations is at the root of the style they call folk-stomp Americana. The group revamps classic string band instrumentation with homespun percussion and the unique integration of six-string ukulele and cello. With their widely varying influences, three distinct vocal styles and copious amounts of foot-stomping, they demonstrate a sound and presence that’s at once original and familiar, appealing to audiences of all generations and genres.

The Wild North is the culmination of a year spent writing, playing, and touring full-time and independently. With eleven tracks and as many instrumentalists, it weaves together an eclectic blend of folk, soul, old-school country, indie pop, rock, and Celtic influence that ties familiar sounds into a fresh and youthful new take on Americana. Engineered and mixed at the famed Bear Creek Studio (The Lumineers, Brandi Carlile, Fleet Foxes), a converted barn in the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest, the album exudes an array of organic and raw emotions; often related to themes of travel, human connection, animals and the natural world. Co-produced, engineered and mixed by seasoned and sought-after Bear Creek studio manager Jerry Streeter and mastered by NYC legend Greg Calbi (Paul Simon, Bon Iver, Sara Bareilles, The National, Bob Dylan), there is a polish and fervor to the final product that threads together each heartfelt harmony (a central focus of the album, featuring two brothers and a soulful female lead) and instrument, from classic guitar, banjo, fiddle form, full drum kit and electric bass, to cello and six-string ukulele.

Br’er Rabbit is currently touring the Mid West/East Coast, supporting their debut album, The Wild North!



1. Salt Flats
2. Grace
3. Running Up The Coast
4. Open Up
5. Distant Lands
6. With A Gun
7. Never Be Satisfied
8. Lonesome Road
9. Burning The Wide Forest
10. West Of 4th
11. The Flood

RECOMMENDED: 2, 1, 8, 3, 5


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