Going For Adds 5/17/16: The Battlefield- Tipping Point

The Battlefield cocktailLos Angeles, CA’s The Battlefield mine the American songbook to craft deeply moving, elegantly executed portraits of our shared humanity – embracing the beauty but never shying away from the ugliness. There’s a deep rooted tradition of folk music with messages of protest, praise, love & loss, and on Tipping Point they continue this tradition, struggling through their art to parse out the how’s and why’s of human behavior and it’s consequence to the world we share.

Formed in June of 2013 by three talented singer/songwriters: Matt Ducey, Jenny Weaver and James Addison, The Battlefield speaks to the conflicts in our hearts & minds as well as the daily struggles of modern life. This world is a Battlefield and we’re in it together.

A harmony-filled addition to the halls of American songwriting, Tipping Point is the sound of three unique voices and styles coming together to form one powerful piece of music. Built on a foundation of impeccable songwriting, the record is a timeless, yet undeniably modern, portrait of the human condition.


“Los Angeles’ the Battlefield have the singular gift of imbuing the beautiful sadness of the country weeper with the soulful resolve of the Americana singalong.”
– Elmore Magazine June 2015

“The Battlefield shows a consistent ability to merge formal constraint with emotional exploration. For a group that comes readymade to soundtrack a Civil War film the trio feel rooted in contemporary concerns. While rolling out of guitar-and-banjo porch songs, Tipping Point reaches for something bigger and gives The Battlefield a memorable launch. “
Dusted Magazine July 2015

“Never afraid to embrace and caress the beauty in front of them, their vivid lyricism is pinned together with a powerful vulnerability and a piercing vocal.”
PopDust July 2015


1. Rise

2. Nevernight  

3. Don’t You Turn It On

4. Transient

5. Into The Smoke & Maze

6. Into The Sun

7. Walk On By

8. Never Grow Old

9. The Cannonade  

10. Brother Benjamin

11. The Tipping Point

12. Transient (Reprise)


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