Music Directors Direct Campaign™


Music Director's Direct from Crowd Control Music!

Music Directors Direct™ is a cost effective alternative for musicians who either can not afford, or choose not, to promote physical copies of their album or EP at the time of a release promotion.

It is also an extremely cost effective way to promote a single with the intention of building a buzz and anticipation at radio for an upcoming physical release.

Music Directors Direct™ is a promotional tool exclusively designed and managed by Crowd Control Music, to target the decision makers at over 800 stations across the US and Canada and is ideal for any artist looking to promote their upcoming single, EP or full length album on a shoe string budget.

As a radio promotions firm with a 100% success rate for breaking physical releases into the CMJ Radio Charts, we have relationships with tastemakers at college, listener supported, internet and non-commercial public radio stations who anticipate only the best from Crowd Control Music.

Although Music Director’s Direct™ is not a replacement for a physical radio campaign, it can make a world of difference for artist who can not afford a traditional physical campaign.

The artist’s music is delivered in high-quality digital format, included with a bio, press quotes, pictures, album artwork, track listing, and links to the artist’s social media sites.

Music Director’s Direct™ should be used by artists looking to access taste makers and decision makers at radio, increase awareness and attendance for live gigs in cities where the artist plans to perform, strive for in-studio radio appearances and to broaden a nationwide fan-base.

We offer the option to customize each Music Directors Direct™ campaign to focus on stations in the area where the artist lives.

Additionally we will hand pick 30 Music Directors at radio stations with the most chart influence and reach, as well as Music Directors in markets where the artist is either from, or touring.

The Music Directors Direct™ is a phenomenal way to gain exposure to the right people, at minimal cost, with maximum effect!

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